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A Brief History

1908 – The formation of an association called Sports Association of Secondary Schools of Queensland. Its aim was to “promote a friendly spirit between schools and at the same time deepen and strengthen the loyalty of individual girls to their own school.” Members: Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Somerville House and St Margaret’s. There is some evidence to suggest that Moreton Bay College may have participated in sporting exchanges in these early years.

1911 – Ipswich Girls Grammar School and St Hilda’s joined the Association.

1921 – Brisbane State High School joined the Association.

Post 1939 – (1939) St Aidan’s; (1941) Clayfield College; (1945) Moreton Bay College and (1946) St Peters join the official QGSSSA competitions.

There have been several other schools who have been members of the QGSSSA at some time – Girton College Toowoomba, Commercial State High School, University High School, Wynnum High School and Technical College.