Winter Fixtures Season Information

Updated 21 July 2020

QGSSSA welcomes the much anticipated first steps towards a return to sport for its member schools and students this term.

Hockey, Netball, Tennis and Volleyball fixtures will commence as planned for all ten member schools across the South East on Saturday 25th July.

The patience of girls throughout the term 1 and 2 hiatus will be rewarded with much excitement back in the sporting arena as the Association follows a cautious route to ensure the best interests and safety of all girls is the priority.

Following careful planning in line with the Queensland Government’s Return to Play industry plans, the recommended staged approach to the resumption of Association sport focusses on the most important element of ‘QG’ sport: the girls.

With the four winter fixture sports to commence across 40 different venues, the Association’s initial phase will see 320 teams and associated officials and staff commence competition in their new COVID Safe environments.

The QGSSSA Board look forward to welcoming back spectators at QG sport in the future, and while no spectators will be permitted over the first two weekends of fixtures, contact tracing and physical distancing procedures are being developed for each venue as the community adjusts to the ‘new normal’.

This decision will be reviewed in line with the CHO and Queensland  Government direction and an update provided as the Association adjusts to the fluid nature of managing sport in the COVID-19 environment.

With the potential for disruptions should any outbreaks of COVID occur to a student, staff member, official, closing a school and potentially the competition, member schools have unanimously decided that pennants will not be presented at the conclusion of the season. Should the virus affect just one or two schools, preventing them from participating, it was agreed it would not be in the spirit of QGSSSA Sport to penalise schools should this occur, therefore removing pennants would ensure the focus remains on participation and getting the girls back to sport.

Website Information
With schools nominations confirmed as of 20th July, website fixture information build will take place leading up to Round 2 (25th July). For your most up-to-date information on times for games, please check your school app or contact your school’s sports department.