QGSSSA Round 1 Netball Highlights

The QGSSSA netball season opened with a bang on the weekend, featuring some outstanding team and individual performances. Here’s what you need to know after a bumper start to the season.

Brisbane State High School played St Aidan’s at Ambiwerra where the State High Open team showed their preparedness and preseason focus by dominating in attack and defence for a convincing win. The 7A teams enjoyed their first game of QGSSSA netball in what was a more even match-up for most of the game, with State High taking a win by a 15 goal margin. The 10A game was a nail biter, with the hard-working St Aidan’s team only losing to the State High opponents by two goals.

It was a chilly morning in Ipswich for a 7am start where Ipswich Girls Grammar went up against very strong St Peter’s Lutheran College teams and fought hard to hold their ground where they could. The Open game was close for two and a half quarters and then St Peter’s inched away for a nine-goal win. The Ipswich Girls Grammar Opens squad is a group of young guns and will be a team to watch as they fight to catch momentum. The 7A game was another close match where St Peter’s came from eight down in the 3rd quarter to tie the game. St Peter’s Coach Tracey Bruce will now be sharpening up her 7A crew for Round 2. The Senior B game also went down to the wire with St Peter’s coming away with a 4-point win.

Somerville House played Brisbane Girls Grammar, a highlight being the Senior A game that went right to the final whistle, Somerville coming away with a 33-to-31-point win. Encouraging signs for this team as they head into Round 2.

Moreton Bay College played St Hilda’s where early games saw the 7A, 7B, and 7C teams taking the court for their first taste of QG netball and the standard was high across all teams. Despite some great play by St Hilda’s, all three Year 7 MBC teams were too strong on the day. Moreton Bay College 7A’s had standout performances by Charlie Stickney and Gemma Fotea in goals, who both shot with incredible accuracy, Anastasia Batista and Emily McBrien in the midcourt transitioned the ball with speed and precision, and Ashley Stariha and Annie Connell pulled is some fantastic intercepts in defence. In the 7B’s Chloe White and Alannah Browning had great games, and the 7C’s put in a fantastic all-round team effort.

Later games resulted in three more wins for the Moreton Bay College sides. The 10A team put in a consistent team effort. Mia Monteret was dynamic in Goal Attack, and aptly supported Charlotte Hansen who contributed a personal best 66 goals to the team total. In the Opens match, Moreton Bay College had seven debutants, all who took the court and contributed. Special mention to Amber Yeates who was unphased under the post shooting with great accuracy, Sarah Joyce who was a general in the centre court, and Pippa Letnic and Abbey Dobson who would not let anything past them in defence.

Round 2 of QGSSSA netball will take place this Saturday the 23rd of July.

Susan Uhlmann
QGSSSA Content Coordinator 
Tuesday, 9 August 2022