Coach COC – QGSSSA Sport


(The full QGSSSA Code of Conduct document can be found here)

QGSSSA has been established to serve our member schools by arranging sporting fixtures and promoting a healthy approach to sporting activity.

The changing attitudes to sport in the community, and the pressure and commercialisation associated with sports in many spheres, have led the Association to feel that its aims and objectives need to be clarified and set out.

We, as an Association, believe we should encourage good behaviour and sportsmanship on the sports field and consider that the following directions should be observed.


  1. Conduct all competition in friendship and with fair play and uphold the spirit of the rules.
  2. Be aware that competitive sport is for enjoyment and that winning is only part of the process.
  3. Observe the special position of a host school and a guest school.
  4. Be aware of the fundamental philosophical differences between the games played and professional games shown on television. The professional is an entertainer and a wage earner whose play often reflects these facts.


  1. Be reasonable in your demands on the young players’ time, energy and enthusiasm. Remember that they have other interests.
  2. Accept the decisions of referees and umpires; this does not preclude rational clarification of decisions at a subsequent time.
  3. Teach your competitors that rules of the sport are mutual agreements which no-one should evade or break.
  4. Under no circumstances is there to be deliberate bending of the General Competition Rules and By-Laws for the various sports. Discourage time wasting and time-wasting actions, over-vigorous play and deliberate use of illegal tactics.
  5. Develop team respect for the ability of opponents as well as for the judgement of officials and opposing coaches.
  6. Remember the children need a coach they can respect. Be generous with your praise when it is deserved and set a good example.
  7. Follow the advice of a physician when determining when an injured player is ready to play again.
  8. Ensure the equipment and facilities meet safety standards.

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